Flood of 08 (60 images)
The flooding on the Root River in Racine, WI in June of 2008. I took most of these pictures from my front yard. Some of the pictures were taken by others. The water was moving so fast down the street we had rapids. It came halfway up the sidewalk. WE Energies cut the natural gas at the meters to make sure we didn't get any leaks if the water flooded over the pilot lights. They did leave the electricty on so if anyone was trying to pump out their basement they could. The Gas was restored on Tuesday. I fared pretty well, I did not take on any water more than a trace in the basement. The ground is pretty wet all the fence posts are leaning every which way. There's more rain on its way. Read More on the Flood

FEMA: Racine County Disaster Recovery Center Opens - A Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), operated by Wisconsin Emergency in Racine County. Details on the FEMA website

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RCARES - WI9RAC Racine, WI: The Belle City of the Lakes The Racine Megacycle Club, W9UDU KR9RK: The Lakeshore Repeater Association The Volunteer Center of Racine County - WI9VCR

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